adjusters provides residential and commercial property adjusting service

Daily Property

Apex’s team of knowledgeable and experienced adjusters provides residential and commercial property adjusting service. Each claim is serviced by a field adjuster and reviewed by a staff file reviewer to ensure the highest quality standards.

Catastrophe Services

Apex has the ability to dispatch adjusters throughout the country to work catastrophe claims at short notice. We have the abilty to mobilize for both large events and smaller regional events.


Apex’s roster of NFIP certified adjusters are prepared to mobilize for any size flood event.

Third Party Administration/Claims Administration

From receiving the first notice of loss through payment or handling claims overflow; Apex provides Third Party Administration and Claims Administration services to insurance carriers and self-insured entities with customized programs specifically tailored to each client.


Quality control in the claims process is essential for any carrier. Apex can develop a re-inspection program for any client to ensure that field inspections are handled accurately and professionally.

Apex Claims and Appraisal: One of the Reputed Independent Adjuster Firms in Florida

There are some times in life when you have no other option but to trust Independent Adjuster Firms in Florida blindly. Well, Apex Claims and Appraisal is one such company you can trust, to help you get rid of the messy situation created. Our team comprises of experienced and knowledgeable adjusters, known to offer commercial and residential property adjusting service.  Each claim will be serviced by field adjuster and then reviewed by staff file reviewer, for ensuring highest standard quality.

We are the one dealing with catastrophe services:

Apex does have the ability to dispatch adjusters throughout the selected country. Here, the main aim of our team is to work catastrophe claims within a short notice period. You can trust us to mobilize our services based on smaller regional events and larger ones as well. So, the next time you are looking for Independent Claims Adjuster Firms, our name will be right at the top of your search chart.

Even if you need someone to work on any flood event, we are down to offer help. We have roster of experienced and promising NFIP certified adjusters to mobilize any size event within a set time and rate. Our services are rather competitive and will be within your set values. So, avoid paying extra for our services as we don’t believe in hidden cost.

Some other services under adjusting:

The points, mentioned above, are some of the noteworthy areas of concern, but that’s not the end of our service list. We have further segmented our adjusting tasks under other valuable sectors, as you expect from reputed Catastrophe Adjusting Firms these days.

Time to check out our claims or third party administration:

Right from receiving the very first notice of loss through some payments to handling some of the claims overflow, our firm is down to offer help all the time. We are proud to offer claims administration and third party administration services to some self-insured entities and insurance carriers. Unlike other Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster Companies, we offer our claims administration with customized programs as we believe each project is different from the rest. Our customized programs are specifically tailor-made to each one of the clients.

Providing the task of re-inspections:

For any type of carrier, quality control in claims procedure is rather essential. Apex helps in developing a proper re-inspection program for any possible client. Here, the primary task is to ensure that all kinds of field inspections are taken care of professionally and accurately. So, the next time you are eyeing for Independent Insurance Adjuster, you are cordially invited to try us for once.

We ensure the best of adjusting services within the rate you have already set for it.

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