Expert Consulting for Litigious Claims

Consulting Services

Disputes occur in the process of settling claims or completing projects. Apex provides a variety of services to assist our clients. Our partners are deposition and trial experienced, provide irreproachable expert witness testimony, are experienced in ADR and have actively planned and managed a number of large, high profile projects.


The ability to provide unbiased 3rd party recommendations and decisions allows Apex to represent either party through Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Expert Consulting for Litigious Claims

Apex can provide experts for testimony including roofing experts, general contractors, IICRC certified consultants, and any other type industry professional.

Critical Path Evaluation/Preparation

Developing, implementing and evaluating schedules for large projects is crucial for success when dealing with complicated large commercial claims/projects.

Mediation Services Florida

There are multiple times, when people have to face disputes while processing settlement claims or even while completing projects. At that time, we, at Apex Claims and Appraisals, are here to serve you better. We know ways to assist our clients. We have partnered with members, who are trial and deposition experienced. They know ways to provide irreproachable witness testimony. Even we have trained ADR team, down to guide you through the entire Mediation Services Florida. Our team can plan and manage larger cases actively and in an accurate manner.

  • Mediation or Arbitration:

We have the prime ability to offer unbiased 3d party recommendations and some decisions to represent any party through the “Alternate Dispute Resolution.” So, in case you need some, we are always there to be your guide.

  • Perfect consultation services for covering litigious claims:

Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides experts testimony. We hire only the best general contractors, roofing experts, IICRC based certified consultants and even industrial professionals. Each one of our experts knows their tasks well and would love to help consult clients when needed.

  • Critical path preparation or proficient evaluation:

We understand that it is vital to develop, implement and evaluate schedules for any large project. It becomes a tedious task while dealing with some complicated large commercial projects or claims. Well, not anymore when our experienced team is down to offer help.

Just give us a call and explain your problems. We are down to help you find a way out from any situation, no matter how critical it might get.

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