Umpire + Appraisal

Umpire and Appraisal Services


Disputes between carriers and policy holders often arise regardless of the quality of the estimates. Appraisal is an Alternate Dispute Resolution process that benefits both parties by shortening the time frame to resolution and to avoid the high costs associated with litigation. Skilled appraisers and impartial umpires are crucial to reaching an appropriate and equitable resolution. The partners at Apex provide decades of experience in both the contracting and insurance industries and can provide our services throughout most of the country.

Umpire Services

Apex can provide qualified umpire services in a number of states. As an umpire, Apex seeks to provide a neutral evaluation of the facts based on our decades of experience and to reach an equitable and fair resolution.

Appraisal Services

As the appraiser, Apex will fight to reach the best possible settlement within ethical bounds for the party that we represent. Our experience in both preparing estimates as an adjuster and performing as a contractor allows us a unique perspective when negotiating within the appraisal process.

Umpire and Appraisal Services

No matter whatever the estimate quality has been, chances are high that you might end up facing disputes between policy holders and carriers. At that time, you need Umpire Services from Apex Claims and Appraisals. We are able to present Appraisal, as an alternative dispute resolving procedure. It works wonderfully in benefitting both parties by just shortening the resolution time and avoiding any high cost, as related to litigation.

We have a team of experienced impartial umpires and skilled appraisers, all trained to serve you better. Their tasks are rather crucial to reach an equitable and appropriate resolution to the dispute. During some instances, we might take some time to come up with the resolution, mainly if the project is a critical one. We have to take each step carefully as not to disturb the condition at any cost.

Learn about our partners:

The partners, working hand in hand with Apex, are able to offer decades of experience in both insurance industries and the field of contracting. They are able to provide services, covering most of the country, as asked for. So, next time you are looking for someone to help you with Insurance Appraisal, you know whom to call!

Quality umpire services by your side:

Our company is all set to offer qualified umpire practices in various states. Being a reliable Umpire, we are able to offer neutral evaluation of facts, depending on our working experience. It helps us to reach a fair and equitable resolution. We would love to cover your disputes on time to prevent any work hassle.

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